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  1. I forgot to add, talking about appearances is fuckin snitching. and of course it comes from who: another anonymous person with a screenname. This shit is like clockwork. who's next?
  2. I like to "sound tall"? So, should I type like some wanna-be gangster instead, since forming coherent sentences means I'm "trying to sound big". Fuck that. Keep it up though, next time I meet a writer they wont believe who I am because they're expecting some 4 foot tall kid.
  3. desa?.. there's already a deza from ottawa... :P
  4. Whatever you say man, you're obviously the superior forum-goer. I got SKOOOOLED.... maturity is knowing when the jealous types are trolling, have a great night!
  5. Talk allllll you want about maturity man, you could have been "mature" and u2u'd me. but no, you played the anonymous card and wrote all that shit. I (not psychic) see a post from some random person, who is calling me lame-ass for wanting people to post at another forum. (by the way, when people have a forum, the have the ability to delete posts, so what would keepsix do? delete the post if they cared) I dunno what your grudge is, but you're the one who started the name calling, expect retaliation you dimwit. The threads all your's hot shot. Have fun jerkin off, I'll be out painting.
  6. fuck dude, dont even get me started. kudos for taking the time to go out and flick shit, but if thats the extent of your contributions, I dont see what you're so worried about. Stay here, post other peoples work, and have a great day. I dont even see how you can complain at all man. All you gotta do is click "quote", copy all the image tags, and paste it to another forum. It's not like you're worried about your exposure to other cities, unless you have a giant comeback planned for this summer.
  7. then dont buy the supplies moron, and stay here for fucks sake. Who started this new thread in the first place? You? NO, so why the fuck are you offended? You're fuckin lame for wanting to "be part of an international community", who the fuck cares who sees your shit, I post FOR OTTAWA people, and I come to this thread to see OTTAWA flicks. And besides, in the last thread, exactly how many out of towners had good shit to say about our city? Pretty damn close to zero. Here's the benefit of an Ottawa-run forum: A moderator who knows who the idiots are in this city, that way they can be banned nice and quick. Like yourself; who the fuck wants a negative nancy like you in a "community". Do you have any benefits of staying here? Other than posting your own work so other cities writers can see of course. So, do you work for this forum? Tell me how I was disrepecting it. By telling people to go to another forum? REALITY CHECK: THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS SITE DONT GIVE A FUCK WHERE ANY OF US POST. NOR DO THEY CARE WHEN SNITCHES COME ON HERE AND POSTED HEATED SHIT. Once again, for the millionth time: Keep hiding behind screennames kids, it makes you look tough.
  9. KEEPSIX IS THATAWAY PEOPLE-----------> well, maybe it's up, since you gotta type it in the address bar. Either way, lets all post there, no more effort required than here, but it has the benefit of being moderated by a local, who knows the ups and downs of ottawa.
  10. on second thought, i suggest a massive relocation to a website that rhymes with "sheep-sticks", if ya know what i mean ;)
  11. the first post was from jan- present, minus the anode flick these ones are from previous years(mostly last year) unfortunately I backed up most of my old flicks, and they're on a dvd now I might post them on a rainy day
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