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  1. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


    this guy i know fucks with his retarded aunt so much. he would get a mop and rub it in her face, then he would come outta nowhere and start smacking her, (like this) and all you hear her say in a down syndrom voice is "sammy, stop it, imma tell your mom!"







  2. Daniel... that's a difficult question to answer, which is why no one has jumped to give you one.


    How much are you looking to spend? Style you're interested in?


    yeah i figured it was pretty broad but i decided to give it a go.

    spending wise, i'll pay what i need to but the cheaper (still functional) the better..looking 300 tops?

    i really dig single speeds.

    im not looking for universal truths here, just some recommendations from people who know more about it than me.

  3. ive been riding a friend's gary fisher street bike for the past few months in the absence of a car, and he's taking it back starting today, and i want to buy a good bike. i'm an experienced rider yada yada but know nothing about bikes themselves, reccomendations? looking for good/cheap/simple/classy for a college student

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