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Everything posted by KARL ONE

  1. Probably the best RIME I have ever seen!!!! That fucker is just toooooo much!!!!!! I would love to see an RIME/POSE exchange!!!!
  2. This is just tooooo ridiculous!!!! SEVER, TOTEM2, REVOK, EWOK, & SABER. Figure it out.
  3. That guy's talking about the 80's using 90's/00's nonsense jargon!!!! LOL What was his point?
  4. I'm digging the BONKS. Everything else is, eh. The rest looks like the walls around Farmer John's.
  5. I agree. More GRAY GOK DFW!!!!! OPTRIK is the shit, too!!!
  6. Never knew VOX was MSK for a while either!!!
  7. Post more GOK and DFW shit!!!! More GRAY!!!!!!!!!!
  8. GOK is getting big! Props to the GOKINGS and The DUBS!!!!
  9. I'm from L.A., but I come here to look at the Detroit graff and I'm glad there's finally more flix up in here! Post more!!!! More GRAY and OPTRIK!!!!!
  10. That looks like DREYER from KOG's work!!!
  11. Damn, now I can't use those words!!!!!
  12. Thanks for the info. Props to the MSKINGS!!!!
  13. Dope shit! Looks like AUGOR is officially MSK now. Is LYFER MSK?
  14. Why aren't there any TRIGZ and CHUNK flix here? They're also MSK.
  15. I definitely see the PYSA influence on POSE. That shit looks very dope! At first I thought It said PYSE. Nice work, nonetheless. More flix!!!
  16. Not to stir anything up, but what happened was the first MSK billboard was dissed by some idiot toys! They threw black paint on it. It fucked up that piece! So this crew went and did something over the MSK since it was ruined. But REVOK came back in a couple of hours and bombed over them. I don't think that crew was dissing MSK. Just my opinion. Let's drop it now.
  17. Nice thread!!! NEKST kills cities as if they were abandoned! Bump this thread!!!!
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