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kurt russell

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  1. kurt russell

    RIP Nekst

    I looked up to him like crazy. He'd pull the wildest letter structures and make them look good
  2. kurt russell

    RIP Nekst

    Fuck that breaks my heart. Been out of the loop for a bit this hurts bad he was a ballsy talented dude, ugh RIP man. That E. Houston roof spot was so sick
  3. bump this page hell yeah. chemz floater on the CV never caught that one
  4. kurt russell


    paser armn and that erabiq are sick
  5. kurt russell

    banned like a mug! <-------alydk-post

    that black and white lens is so sick. and holy fucking herbie ridiculous catch man. and solid post otherwise!
  6. kurt russell


    umm.. who happens to be chillin on a roof waiting to shoot that? haha. shits wild.
  7. bump all those flicks up there. that vism is fuckin sick.
  8. yo mek dem and gent nice flicks! feelin the wall with pro mek and evak. good shit. damn that bombay ad on the main page that always comes up. JD is where it's at.
  9. kurt russell

    More of the Good Ol' Days...

    fuck yeah. good thread man.
  10. kurt russell


    oze108 and sinek with the tribs! size21 good post
  11. bump all the old flicks! metal heads..
  12. kurt russell

    I brake for trains

    lens frost terms size21 railheads on the auto timber paser elk nice post!
  13. kurt russell

    spook da kat

    not a fan of his old spaghetti pieces but i love his straights and newer stuff and that totally bummed me out seeing that flick :( nice thread dude.