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  1. I was under Charlotte in 05 one time painting and Johnny Law rolled up on us. Caught all of us red-handed except for Down, who slick talked his way out of it. That was my first lesson on what (not) to say and how to say it. RIP DOWN
  2. If you know what this means and you wanna come through, send an email to NOONESEESYOU42@GMAIL.COM
  3. i feel you bro but i'm just not sure about those last two chop chop trains. colors are burning my eyeballs. them junta kinda wangin. other wall looks pretty tight though.
  4. Don't drive across the state to visit Betor in jail and bring him some new socks. Instead just ignore him for like 3 years and he will throw you up next to his graffiti when he gets out.
  5. how you trying to check looking like the bill and ted of graffiti? "so we were out at this most excellent spot, right?" lookin ass dude
  6. why did those kids go over that AR roller?
  7. Betor is on vacation at the county club for a while.
  8. See, in Memphis you dont do graffiti. You just mob around 7 deep. "Aye yo, son, I know a spot." "OH...Woooorrrd?" * Drive around town and climb through a jungle to reach the spot* "This spot sucks" "Not how I remembered" "Dude, I totally know another spot ..." The whole time your'e driving around everyone is screaming obscenities at people and Goes is throwing mcdoubles at hobos. No graffiti at all what so ever. Aw, is that how you remembered it? Because that's not how I remember it. I mostly remember people trying to impress people. I also remember people crying and bitching because we had to jump a fence, or because I didn't want to paint a spot off the interstate that I painted in 2007, and that had been hit about 10 times. You lame.
  9. Please, tell me more about how to keep it real in the streets via a graffiti chatroom on the computer. Thanks.
  10. zew mesko grifter been goin hard longer than most of these kids been in it.
  11. wow. yeah, making out with dudes is pretty gay.
  12. Let me not perpetuate the cycle of homosexuality by not posting some graffiti. Some are re-posts and maybe permission walls, guess that doesn't make me a weal gwafeety witer..........
  13. Ya'll are straight acting like some faggots. Why don't ya'll just meet up and box? Yeah, you don't post everything you paint on 12 oz, but you will get on here and argue like a damn woman? Hey. Nobody cares. Nobody cares about your graffiti, or my graffiti, or kid's graffiti. Nobody cares. Stop painting on bridges right next to the spot I've been parking for the better part of a decade. Hey everyone, this is where we paint graffiti. Bunch of women.
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