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  1. they are alive. and they have been known to rape.
  2. could someone find that idiot that painted on my panel at the car wash and punch him in the face, please? preciate it.
  3. you know what......nevermind.....
  4. also the guy in between risk and sever is case from maclaim crew in germany. checkemout http://www.maclaim.de/#
  5. it's actually the oldest whore house in memphis.
  6. yes. back of earnestine and hazels.
  7. gotta upload it to a site like photobucket. they give you an img code. you paste the img code into the comment box. whoa.
  8. i will up the ante, and trade y'all 20,000 of our finest chicken heads, for 10 of y'alls skinny white women. and yes, they sh'awl is goin............
  9. agree. gateway is weak. also--don't do anything dope. because as soon as you do, other people will jack that junt, and pass it off as their own. and yes, powder gets you hyper.
  10. hey mayne you never know when you gotta get up on the jungle gym or the water slide
  11. i tried to respectfully and kindly explain to that kid that he was not good, and in fact a toy. he said the difference is he knows about style.... then he tried to say somn like, "the only real type of graffiti is bombin, and if you ain't bombin then you ain't doin real graffiti." so then i tell him never to mention illegal graffiti to me ever again.
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