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  1. i get the significance of catcher in the rye, but i can only read the words "goddamn phony" so many times. The documentary on him is pretty interesing, dude was a total weirdo.


    his stories were set to be released in 2015 anywhere. I might read them out of curiosity, but i'm whatever about it.

  2. Was gonna get it the other night but bitched out. Idk why. Next time tho, frfr.


    you can do it, i believe in you. The McDonald's mozzarella sticks are decent. Wish they had one or two more, but not bad for a dollar. The marinara had a lil kick to it.



    I've had raising Caine's in Louisiana. not bad.


    in n out has good burgers, it's their fries that suck.


    you know you're in the ghetto when you see a checkers.

  3. What happened? This used be a thread where those with strong minds, hearts, and unfulfilled desires came to discuss questionable women in a noble way, not unlike the discussions of Socrates or Plato. And now we have banter, vulgarity, and flexin.


    Shame on you.




    this is the best thing i've ever read. so true.

  4. Primo's is the shit! So glad I have one across the street from me.


    Nice dude. I just had one the other day. My only problem is they're kinda pricey, almost 10 bucks, not including a bag of chips. I never regret my decision though, unless I think about how much of my paycheck is actually going to hoagies that month.



    My co-worker got wawa chicken nuggets the other day. Just from seeing them, not sure what to make of it since i didn't try them. seems like they could go either way. If they're super cheap I might give em some leeway.

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