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  1. if it makes you feel any better in some countries they wipe with there hand
  2. valspar has glow in the dark paint most likely garbage
  3. since i started huffn paint i never have scrap cans
  4. baer ifuck ufuk globe altr spek sigh AMFM
  5. yeeeeeeeeeeeee haw more shameless self promo what a post what a post well at least hes postn heres a trik for yah next tme your in the yard try taking some other fliks 2 just an idea delete
  6. wow more self promo and all 4 pics at that what a post what a post
  7. oh yeah can someone delete this stupid fucken thread
  8. no ones kidding themselves tox blows he can do all the damage he wants but at the end of the day he still sucks i give him some respect for what hes done but his work is that off a 1rst grader
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