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  1. OMG You guys are such babies, this sounds like some back of the class high school bitching. Ya'll are still gonna be hanging on Leon's dick when he finally walks away from this bullshit forum and he'll still be painting more than you, whether you want to steal his letters or not. I've been all over Austin recently, ain't NOBODY got room to talk about them two letters like ya'll are. I mean, unless it's all just jealousy talking, which is true.
  2. @suereaks a quick look through your posts proves yours ignorance, so your criticism doesn't go very far. Keep your opinions to yourself bruh
  3. I don't see the point in capping Ceno on that boat except they were jealous they made it to Detroit after him and wanted the same flick. That's in poor taste in my book, that was fresher than most in the city. If you old dudes want respect from anyone who didn't grow up 30 years ago and see ur work first hand, all you have to do is show up and paint a different wall than them. No point in capping anything in a city like Detroit.
  4. Some Chi guys in Flint and Detroit - And for those on mobile - http://www.fatcapsandchrome.com/?p=1034
  5. You can check out the video posted above on mobile devices here - http://www.fatcapsandchrome.com/?p=1034 Got some packard plant and Detroit street footage as well as the Chi guys in Flint at the Bring It Festival. Hope y'all enjoy!
  6. Or just mind your own business and handle your own shit. Why you so concerned with them anyway? Stack paper and don't sweat the bullshit.
  7. LOL You gonna use a Roger Bandit piece to illustrate that....BANDIT has more real shit running on that name than most. Sure, that piece is whatever. But your not looking at the whole.
  8. up and comers is one story, Bone is another. He talks shit, steps where he doesn't belong, and shows absolutely no progress or will to change. Get off the boo boo.
  9. WTF is going on here, car window streaks and Bone 131 is holding a gun? Who the fuck let that retard drunk hold a gun?
  10. damn that spot rustled some feathers
  11. rollin around in a car is cool now
  12. From the looks of this thread Castro and Aper (and the rest of vc) are doin it! good action!
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