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  1. my questions are answered. and thanx for the abuse and the entertainment always nice to see i get cut down for a few words on a screen 2pac listening style wars watching euro toy HAHAHAHA no clue, really no clue thats the funny part.
  2. read newbie read. where did i say i dont paint anymore ;-) to get political: you should rage on your oppressing goverment. you are living orwells 1984 without knowing it... my point. dondi is graffiti yes and seeing it on a freight wouldnt do it for me understand now??
  3. they should change the name to the pacman forum. jesus how snappy can you get ;-) first of all: i dont hate i just dont understand. second of all there is a freight system in europe actually i live like 15 km away from one of the biggest yards in europe but i just cant be bothered. he your piece was spotted in milan. O is that so?? i couldnt care less. third: i am not in it for the thrill of being chased or have dogs napping at my arse i am way too old for that. i try (and mostly fail) to do proper pieces on passengertrains because i feel that is the medium it was and is supposed to be on. i see painted freights everyday i see painted regular trains almost everyday and i just cant get excited seeing a bombed freight just doesnt work for me thats it. But everytime i see a nice FC end 2 end on the bridge near the station it makes me smile. Everytime one of my own little things pulls in the stations it makes me happy. always did always will be. NOTHING comes close to that feeling. And i dont care if i see a fucking Dondi WC on a freight. it is not the real deal. doing a full piece in under 8 minutes.... a 2 windows maybe but not a full proper filled proper backgrounded and proper outlined one. i dont need to see your pictures i understand the privacy but what i just DONT understand is that people here talk about doing freights as if this is natural progression because in my eyes it just isnt and i am entitled to my own opinion...... Graffiti on freights is and never will be a substitute for graffiti on a passengertrain. and if i am biased because i still focuss on what americans did 20 or 30 years so be it because thats my own generation ;-) and i can easily say that i speak for 99% of the euros. maybe opinions on american graffiti & american writers in general would change if you people wouldnt respond so fucking uptight if someone brought this up and excuse me for not digging through thousands and thousands of topics to see if it was mentioned before. any typos or grammar faults: fuck it
  4. i bet little decos1 never left his own state let alone left the continent. and on that subject: fuck street, thats vandalism ;-)
  5. ok thanx for the reply without swearing at me ;-)
  6. to each his own thats right. whatever. and nope i never painted trains am just some bored 2PAC listening getting up playing wannabe i am sorry i offended all you people ok???
  7. hahahaha touche. i make typo's. it is not my native language but i think i make myself pretty understandable. Sure i like to stir things up and seeing the reactions i still think i touched a sweet spot. i understand SOME of your reasons but what i just dont understand is the dedication and the fact that you people rate painting freights simular to that of cleans. i could have used a simple "why"? but i have done that a few times over the years and 9 out of 10 i got a BS answer. dont patronize me with your "a parody of a typical self righteous moralistic german asshole". taking everything 2 seriously. gimme a break we are on a forum DEDICATED to this "hobby"... its just the "online" attitude of american writers in general. if the sun shines outof your asshole... well it doesnt. next please.
  8. great comment. can you gimme something without foul language? "we have something better" hahahahahah give me a break. nice disscussionboard. i havent received one proper reply that gives me a PROPER explanation. but thats fine you are just plain old prejudgemental. I might be born in europe but i also might be lives in the states for a while... so who are you to judge me based on some letters on a screen???
  9. hahahaha did you have to create a new account for this reply?? standard reply dude. enlight me, explain it to me WHY you are focussing on freights and dont gimme that BS on cleans and not being seen on the net because there are millions of people out there with cameras so why is it so hard to find/see stuff in mags and on the net on regular sites like flickr. maybe because there isnt so much done on cleans in the USA as you, newbie, state?? You dont know shit about me you dont know where im from so cut the crap and gimme proper answers if you are willing. And those MTA cars.... well i guess i hang with the wrong people than because most of them do them every year. do empire state building, do statue of liberty do a sub kinda like that. but thanks for the reply the aging euro TUPAC fan :P
  10. USA the country that gave birth to graffiti but descended down to a scene that paints (mostly crappy) pieces on rolling garbage cans.... With thousands and thousands of passengertrains available all over the country, several subway systems waiting to get properly bombed and you guys focus on freights? Taking the piss at euros and their designer paints.... If you look deep down dont you agree you people just lost the plot?? Why all this above?? I think if you are a REAL writer at heart you should be fucking ashamed hitting those rolling pieces of shite. graffiti is about getting up and getting know on rolling stock that transports people not rolling stock that transports crates of rice.... yes i am euro and yes there are places in europe that are so chill to hit you can bring 20 friends and a BBQ but the majority of the systems that are hit, being local trains, national trains or subway systems are guarded, heavily guarded and still EVERY day phatt e2e's are done, WC's are done, and plain panels... i dont even mention those. How many of your crew mates can say they hit over 15 different subway systems? How many of your friends travel EVERY year to various countries to do what they have to do? How many of your friends have done hundreds even thousands of PROPER FC pieces on trains... When was the last time you saw a guard sitting in a tree overlooking a yard spotting for paint fumes? when was the last time dogs were set loose on you? when was the last time you were shot at while painting? Dont gimme this BS about "beanching freights" so get you fucking act together and put your money where your mouth is because the days of US hegemony on graffiti are long gone and beforehand: dont reply with fucking euro toy this or that because i started painting before most of you were even born :-)
  11. comes with the games ladies. face it or fuck off.
  12. not as fucked up as your "we are living under martial law but he its america!" pisspoor excuse for a democracy.(presuming you are a yank that is). You dream on, dream of your reefer infested visits to the red light district were you probably could be found running butnaked along a canal with a buttplug sticking out of your arse... "one fucked up littel country" and you love it. get a life and go bomb a fuckin freight.
  13. holland supports democrats [ATTACH]81147.vB[/ATTACH]
  14. and now for something different... not your typical german graffiti. but IN traffic peeps... [ATTACH]75880.vB[/ATTACH]
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