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  1. "this idiot" pffft. simple people. DONT you read??? i give up just shove them freights deep up where the sun doesnt shine
  2. dude if you read my comments you will find out that i got the point. i understand you people a bit more now, i get the motivation. main reason i made the topic is that 16 year old dipshits on here act like freights are the natural progression for graffiti & and their vomit like paint residues are gods gift to the graffitiscene. in my opinion thats not the case. you may disagree that's cool. im cool with you true freight boys who show a deep love for a scene/part of graffiti that, true, is hard to comprihend for non americans still i couldnt care less if the hand of doom rolled by on a freight. its just not my thing. i love cleans thats my thing but do keep on painting what you love. and yes i have truely been around as long as i said to the point that doing what i am still doing is getting ridiculous peace RSWC cru 1985 - 20??
  3. pfft i have been reading here for a long while biatchhhh and frankly i cant be fucking bothered anymore. besides a few interesting topics its mainly 16 year old wiggers like you who talk tuff.
  4. mod request: close topic please
  5. hahahah up yours new skool dildo. up yours. destroy the transit system yes & fuck the world indeed
  6. the more the better. destroy is the keyword
  7. funny you as yank can diss but if euros take the piss.....
  8. true...my bns boys... nice guys thanx for the tour
  9. modgod the bitchin was on page one. i actually got educated a bit more and i might even adjust my opinion. although i could choose between freights and subs tonite...well i picked the obvious one for me..... but i am getting WAY to old for this little adventures.....
  10. your opinion. you are allowed to have one. so do i. you people made your point. and after wading through hundreds even thousands of flicks of freights. explain me something else..... WHY do most look like 8 minute back jumps and dont show the time you obviously have to put in the piece?
  11. only thing i masturbate on is my 80's new york city collection. if you are telling me that you masturbate on painted garbage cans well.... i would call that perverted.....
  12. stapler

    3d graffiti

    go to http://www.bol.com search for: ISBN10: 0486295834 its a Danish manual about becoming a skilled graffiti writer in 3 months. included chapters on: racking, bombin, yard entering and several paint techniques including 3D stuff with Daim examples.
  13. "being seen" for all you college professors that hammer on my grammar :P
  14. that part i understand. besides some sweet spots like rome's subway, some eastern european countries most of the stuff is buffed quickly and thats pretty dissapointing so yes having your shit run for years counts for something i dont blame you. you have 1 week/2 weeks if you are lucky 4 but that s about it most stuff even vanishes without being see.
  15. thats funny well after a night out ducking for cover for paramilitary security in men in black choppers, being xrayed with out knowing entering the yard AND waking up after piecing with an anal probe up my butt (just ask for DNA goddamn why so rough??) i needed some amusement, thanx. serious besides being hunted down as a dog with rabies in this topic i got some insight from some people that could actualy strike a proper conversation via PM. i understand you people a bit more now. hell i would do em if there was no alternative available. ... but they still look like garbage cans to me ;-) 1st:all my respect goes out to the true inventors and innovators from NY from the 1st & 2nd generation. 2nd: all your real writers here black, white, brown, yellow or purple painting freights walls dogs and cows with the right attitude: rock on. for all hillbillies here that picked up graffiti simultaneously with beeing mc hammer fans that think they are gods gift to the graffiti world i have one little message for you: stick one of my $7 euro designer paint up your bigheaded arse and go eat your inbreed sister as you always do on saturday night. i am out of here: gonna buy some paint because i am rich enough not to rack :p "freights; so easy euros cant be bothered but americans love em"
  16. i like those italian brands, clash & beat. sticks like glue otherwise blacks or premium
  17. ii wasnt that impressed with rusto to be honest :-)
  18. rusto's have male valvue system overhere, that sucks
  19. Yeah ghost they are snapping like fucking dobermanns. fuck me i am enjoying myself. And i see you sitting there all smiling cos you know who i am ;-)) anyway: keep painting people and when ever your mom always you overseas drop me a pm so you have a place to crash & and paint a proper train. no hard feelings ;-) rock on
  20. keep on swearing you cunt. you piece of ignorant shite. you think that only in the us there are anti terrorist laws in place??
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