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  1. yea ceno gets up in one year whoop di due!
  2. bump king fact, done more graffiti den u! can't front that pose and omens is on fiyah. dead lot whut!
  3. jue u suck ur not even a writer a toy that craves attention!
  4. pair and ryce for the hood win. big l big d30 bangers.
  5. macho don't care he is macho! nice news clip dere. free codee that says thief. big thief.
  6. erry name in tdm is an already taken old school name. tee nobl err name.
  7. dat duster is a bling bling burner! and dat duro t2b is mad hawt!
  8. what's with all these garbage "throwup's" new york kids do on their rooftops? they retarded can't do a straight letter or piece on a rooftop??? do some throw's on the street, but come on expand or you will neva get noticed!
  9. marky edem, u forgot the sinner flick?
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