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  1. Is this filmed in real time, or do they do that annoying sped up fast motion stuff when dudes are painting?
  2. R.I.P. KING OF POP> ISB gets it in for sure though.
  3. Now I don't know what they went over that might sway my opinion, but I thought they were pretty good for new up and comers. Percs had a few nice tags, and potato had a few handies and a nice toss. i can dig it. Hope this doesn't turn into any beef.
  4. give him the stick, no DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!
  5. Philly heads area straight up good at this thanng. diggin that roof up top.
  6. Ya know, I was just thinkin' ... toys are like women, you never know what the hell they're gonna do next, but it always leaves you angry and frustrated.
  7. what 's with that photo of dceve dissing marty?
  8. more jacked. they just keep poppin' up.
  9. you are stupid if you have someone write on your ass and then let them take a picture of it.
  10. Stole this one from another site. RIP.
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