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  1. Re: Maine Funk Good job changing what I said in that message. Not "E-Beef" but more like just letting you know what's up.
  2. Re: Maine Funk It's all good, someones bound to catch up to them sooner or later.. They'll get whats coming to them. But still what the fuck is the motive? Anti-Graff or do they just feel the need to diss sick pieces?
  3. Re: Maine Funk all these things are what made it such a mint place to chill as an kid
  4. Re: Maine Funk you are fucking stupid.. hater.. stay out of this thread if you're just going to be a douche
  5. Re: Maine Funk always good to see the legal plastered with dope shit i always love seein sorters shit and bump vane turds lack cevs and this cat jaws all their shits lookin good. finally spring is here, pull out the paint and get the plants ready.. harvest is only about 6 months away!
  6. Re: Maine Funk feelin the croke..definitley showin improvement since he came around
  7. Re: Maine Funk shit we need some flicks
  8. Re: Maine Funk props to balance for goin out and catchin these flicks even when its fuckin cold
  9. Re: Maine Funk bump that niek crazy dope.. and the characters are sick too & Merry Christmas yall
  10. dudes arguing with himself
  11. quit tryin to beef kid you posted in a thread thats meant to be criticized so stop crying over a little criticism and take it like a man, you dont got to take what i say and do it but i was referring to the a r and s and learn graffiti is down right now but they have another alphabet just like this except straight letters instead of wavy. as it is the letters still look similar with small differences stop trying to sound tough noone gives a fuck if you use an alphabet thats made to help teach you graffiti i was just trying to help your ass out and i don't gotta post shit for you, you dont know shit
  12. naris.. i know people give you props and shit and i aint tryin to diss cuz it aint bad but you can tell your shits straight off mr wiggles site.. work on some more original shit thats your own... the first straight letters aight. level them all out for a start.. my minds playin tricks on me
  13. taiko- just some criticism... that last shit you posted.. focus.. is still not as simple as people been meanin for you to do, start with just straight letters and work on proportioning them and making them all the same size and then add to it, after awhile you can add connections, arrows, whatever and have it look good... chances are you'll have to do this for awhile before you can do something that can actually be considered a burner.. no diss. a lot off writers styles are built of a basic straight letter style
  14. Re: Maine Funk playin hookey @ school...
  15. Re: Maine Funk i dont know how many people from mhh are on here and i dont necessarily want to know.. but some people should start bringin they blackbook shit over here like was started on mhh..
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