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  1. i like arab. at least his first a and his r when he does filled ins. now the second a and the b they are always such a let down. why didn't he use the same a as the first? and why does his r look retarded.. its just a b with out the bottom bar? and i am not talking about one specific piece. its all of them. to be fair though, he is quite ill. keep doing your thing wodie!
  2. to all the real writers and all my people on this forum.. please forgive this little rant, and with a puddle of piss and me literally crying and my whole family comforting me right now in this horrible moment, who you think even got wild out again (like it matters but still...) show me where im claiming some throne or someshitt, go head im just out there doing my thing like and why do you think i chose that SN foo cool you know someones name, google it adn i will keep my airbrush shit to myself b/c not good enough to see it, but i will meet up and school your ass so you can broaden your pathetic lives horizons and learn something anyone can fuckin go steal spray paint and start hittin shit all of that shit doesnt make any sense. I dont want to fight. I am probally the most humble person you will meet. I know your name because some girl that aint trying to give u the time of day was making fun of you, and she said he writes val or some shit. lets be honest, you think you can school me? i never used an airbrush but i sell paintings on a regular basis, i got heads in the game giving me props from kar, to cise and more in between. I could burn you, so if you want to battle by all means ill do it. but if you think you can school me on any front your way retarded. You got initial skill sure, and u paint more then me sure. But it aint a thing to show you a thing or two. I would just chill. I dont care about you or what you are doing, i care about the character of this city looking like a bunch of retards becuase your trying to get your name out there. i aint threatening you with violence so you can chill with all that. I dont talk about shit, i be about it. So if you wanna test, come test. name the time the place. Legel illegal. Ill burn Ya. only problem is you will keep writing so it wont really solve anything other then i can piss farther than you. you know this city is super small, and bound to run into one another sometime, rap @ you whenever that is. just focus on the last statement about this being a small city. When i was talking to your girlfriend at the "local writers watering hole" you came up to me, and all you said was " hey man, you dont like my airbush work?" i told you then like i am telling you now. Dont come at me like you know me and i have no opinion either way on your art work, just keep it out of the baltimore thread. sure maybe its elitest since i am not really the most active painter.. but thats neither here nor there. i read your little email that you sent to my friend. yes you stalked and found my face book, and yes you continue to make an ass out of yourself by talking mad shit, and beating this dead horse into the ground Why would you need to ask her to tell me you two are cool, so that you dont have to knock me out at the next art show? why didnt you just knock me out when you saw me? osama bin laden could send a video message to the united states declaring VAl the illest, and i still wouldnt give a fuck. i dont care about you. i am gonna be nice and say im sorry i hurt your little feelings, but constructive criticism is part of being any kind of artist. now im gonna be me. you have been fuming over that two left handed sponge bob comment a couple months now, and no our mutual friend didnt tell me that you where cool, she actually told me to leave you alone, because she didnt feel that this was any need to get YOU hurt. Now unless you been taking mma training the past few months, bought a gun or started a gang... you need to just chill little buddy. you look like you take drugs, the kind that wear the body down. I am not frail, or lanky like you. i dont know why you mentioned kos, or graffiti writers i hang out with, i dont need any of them to fight for me, and i certainly wont fight you over some comment i made about your art. but i need to ask you how are you planning on handling this? if you are planning on stepping to me, we dont need to wait for some sort of surprise attack at an art show. Handle me if you think you can. You really should take all that energy and passion and put it into some of the stuff you paint though, people might actually tell you they like your shit. now i am sorry for the rant, im gonna go back to doing what i do..
  3. my bad if this is a repost pics taken from tools of criminal mischief , found on revok1.com
  4. dolosnes... first and only post to comment on some bs airbrush pieces?(sponge bob has a left hand as his right and its anyones guess as to what the fuck is on his left) suspect.
  5. i think you should go over everything in sight, because that style you got is next level, em effers cant even fuck with that!
  6. nope i think he means a bunch of shit posts from shit artists.
  7. it is dope. not what i wanna see in the bmore thread though,
  8. jacked from atlanta thread
  9. Sick post aron! a history lesson for sure! teror vs who. your shit is wack. You have premature art skills. Your ZOMBIE looks like a whle sperm with eyes and teeth. im sure everyone here takes into consideration your age and inexperience as to your inability to use proper contour lines, shading techniques and well anything close to demonstrating SKILLS. im the biggest nobody when it comes to any scene... but i do my thing. Proper. ask about me. Im sure people will agree. so stop posting your shitty flicks on here.. untill you got something to show for yourself.. i dont give a fuck if yuor name is up from here all the way to timbucktoo garbage is garbage and real recognize real... now im a go back to trolling, and checking out DOPE flicks.
  10. im not gonna hate. but seriously what is that 0s hat doing to that character. humping the back of its head? let me know.
  11. damn... that aerosmith was bangin.
  12. a bunch of hypochondriacs
  13. this goes to you, and you, and you , and you....
  14. quality over quantity. quantity over quality.. everyone has a role.
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