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  1. futures

    INDY 500

    i see ya there big mommy. we got your special sauce cookin. 187 on an undercover pig, ya heard?
  2. futures

    INDY 500

    what kinda stupid shit are you talking^^^ shore isnt mul or iws. mora isnt mfk either. someone sounds like a cop.
  3. futures

    INDY 500

    nice one phynedaze
  4. futures

    INDY 500

    i hope no one minds my posting up some freights, there isnt much going on in this place besides and trains are fun.
  5. futures

    INDY 500

    first time posting, hope this works!
  6. futures

    INDY 500

    sufr still lookin fresh.
  7. futures

    INDY 500

    ahhh shit gonna have to start coming with some flicks in here.
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