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  1. that nigga Dub all day.... :king:
  2. quote=Madclout,Jan 23 2006, 10:01 PM] Yo To Shook Crook Metro Sexual Gay No worries dog< Your Boy Kemo is in hiding. Bane got split, Felos split you in the County, Nothing by you ever runs... And guess what we got FamiliaS in Charlotte so watch your back. You'll be meeting up real soon. Thanks for keeping the Beef Alive. Richard Pryor and your Micosukee buddie are looking down on you as the biggest toy. Get Some Quoted post So this must be base.... Dont worry about Kemo... Bane anit in MSG... Felos never split me. Im coming back to ATL, so go take flicks of your spots if your going to keep running your mouth online. i was nice to you in atl, only dumpster dive and krog... You know exactly why you got dissed, and homie, you deserved it. SEGE was an inspiration for myself and many other writers, his friends, family and crew miss him dearly. Writing " rott in hell " over his name deserves far worse retaliation then you have felt homie... This isnt about some gay beef, this is about respect for the dead, this anit about msg or stv or anyhting like that... that was my homie, anyone that knew Sege knows that nigga was the realist, coolist nigga they ever met.... Respect the Dead Rest In Peace to a True King. Seger MSG
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