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  1. There's recent shit out too. I'll try to dig up some pics.
  2. One3 of the first whole cars I had ever seen was Worms mostly black fill, semi wild lettering on a BNSF headed up to Amarillo, Tx in 99.
  3. I got a shit load somewhere. heres a quick one that was done last month at a buddy of mines upholstery shop.
  4. Skim stamped hard on that one. Got stamped on the VW one 8 years later
  5. New Years eve new millenium, I was pulling off a New Years Y2K whole car in an industry freight lay up when a car pulls up and it was a transvestite changing from his man clothes to his female clothes. Shit tripped me the fuck out.
  6. That was probably one of the first Katch pieces I had ever seen and the detail was amazing on the pants and the face etc. Props
  7. VW Beetle car - hi cube http://images.thesamba.com/vw/gallery/pix/281224.jpg
  8. Theres some newer 2003 and 2004 stuff too. Word on the streets is they get hit mostly on holidays nowadays but if anybody has any newer 2004 stuff, pm me.
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