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  1. nice find!!! see some late 70/early 80 references in this one.:D :D :D
  2. peep his book, more hidden gems not on the internet. lol
  3. damn i remember those pics. lol. wassup dogster!
  4. thanks spidey. lol no wonder i don't know who's who. but yeah this needs a bump and less clothes. :D
  5. who's grace? haven't seen anything posted on here or the other forums. please delight me with this kids pieces.
  6. just FYI, if you want a signed copy let me know. since i've only got limited qty's of those. if not you will get a blank clean one.
  7. Katch came back home for the weekend so i've got a bunch of signed copies. if anyone else wants a copy.
  8. not a problem susan. good to see you folks got some.
  9. eggman did katch a big big favor.
  10. oh damn!!!!! more info on that book please.
  11. damn the book is fricken big!!!!! well i've gotta look for my original copy. it's somewhere cause i've not opened it in over 15 years to see what's different.
  12. ok just ordered these via amazon. i'll post pics when it comes in 2 days.
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