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  1. I want to vote for the throwie battle, but I can't choose between RENO and EDOGG. Anyways, here's my FASHION entry. Sorry all mine are in black and white and on notebook paper.
  2. Yo cuze, here's your exchange. My camera isn't exactly the best, but I hope this is to your liking.
  3. I know it's after midnight, but the poll hasn't started so here it is. I wasn't going to enter cause I couldn't get it to work, and then I just started sketching in a class tonight and decided if I was using all that pen ink I might as well enter the sketch.
  4. Yeah, it's called The Terrible T-Kid 170. It's not cheap, though. I picked it up for 40 with a discount. You can probably find it cheaper online though. If you don't like actually reading all of the stories then it's not worth it. His whole life story is in there, but the sketches and flicks are fire. It's probably tied for my favorite with Dondi White: Style Master General.
  5. T-KID 170 did the ribbon thing an eternity ago. SEEN said it wasn't possible so T-KID did one like a scroll. The T-KID book is dope. If you don't have it, check it out. I think everyone's done one like that at some point.
  6. I'm down. So you want me to do BENT or CUZE? Either one is straight. I'll let you know that me coloring it is unlikely. I'm taking a lot of classes right now and all I got is colored pencil. Do PRAISE for me.
  7. You have drips because you let the can stay in the same spot for too long. Don't be afraid to get the can close to the wall, but it has to be moving AT ALL TIMES. That'll get you your clean dripless lines. Your fills need to be cleaner too. It all just takes practice. You'll get it down eventually. We all go through the can control shit. Also, the reason the yellow is showing through on your outline is because your fill is too thick. I know everyone wants an even fill, but don't waste your paint doing it on something that you're gonna have to outline in ten seconds anyways. Your lines need to
  8. I'm down for an exchange. Here's a few sketches. First one says LOBSTER, just for fun. The other one is an exchange I did last year sometime as an exchange on here. I won't exchange random people. Post some flicks if you wanna exchange.
  9. agreed. 110% I think some of them might just stay in those battles because there's a certain level of comfort in battling those at or below their level. That or their confidence level is low. I think a small handful of them could do well in here.
  10. Can we all stop calling them 'forcefields'? Seriously, it's starting to get on my nerves. You can call it an outline, an outerglow, anything that isn't a term from Star Wars. I had never even heard that word until I came on the toy thread and now it's spreading like wildfire. No diss, for real. Just quit it with that word.
  11. Thanks, but I don't write Spade. But thanks anyways.
  12. Q, what are the specifics on the piece battle? Does it have to be colored?
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