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Everything posted by KANE DC5

  1. "Hip Hop" most likely Zore and/or Rafa
  2. I"m steady in the same spot with the same number joe
  3. Ohde, where the fuck are you?
  4. I ain't supporting Game's mixtape. he straight bit the shit outta LEP Bogus Boys "Goin in for the Kill" track.
  5. please beat the shit outta green bay
  6. In this day and age of complacent, lazy, and whiny lil bitch youth; I'm impresses to see how MUL is producing it's youngest soldiers with that 90-95 mentality and work ethic. Effort noted fellas.
  7. Ryne Diggy on the move. I see you B
  8. Someone please PM me if you find out which bar she works at
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