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  1. now thats the definition of hotness. shits on fiyyyyaaaaaaaaa!
  2. what is this crap. go back to LA and do your garbage there, your making OHIO look bad.
  3. fer reals on that seeking, for writing for a couple of years, shits kinda weak, and sorry vegan, i wouldnt go over yer shit if it had some style to it. but thats just how it works. and im sure vegan in SF does mind that your making his name look like shit. i would be.
  4. self esteem, couldnt agree wif u more. this thread is goin to shit. and i aint helpin by not postin flicks. as for me, got some new flicks on my flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/air_raid/ check em if u will is any one going to the street sweepers show in albany... everyone should go, it might spark some inspiration and get some new shit goin.
  5. whats up everyone.. got some new flicks check em out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/air_raid/ i sent out three packs today.. one to plasma slugs, one to la creme and married bencher, i gave up on my boys, they are slackin. so i just sent out what i had. lemme know when u guys getem. enjoy, peace.. and check out the flickr photolog, and leave me some fuckin comments.
  6. toro, who does that sticker of that bobbing bird... u know, htat bird that dips in to the glass... u sent a pac with that stick like in january and i am just curiious who does em... peace. the orkid man
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