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  1. Web Site Helps Police Track Down Stoughton Vandals

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    (CBS4) STOUGHTON Stoughton police say they used the popular teenage website, myspace.com, to help solve a widespread vandalism spree. Three teenagers are currently under arrest and facing charges in the spree which cost an estimated $75,000 in damages.


    18-year-old Charles Diggs has been charged with 28 counts of tagging property and 11 counts of malicious damage of more than $250; Eric Tankerly, 17, has been charged with 17 counts of tagging and 11 counts of malicious damage of more than $250; and Raymond Lacasse, 18, has been charged with 14 counts of tagging.


    Investigators found the suspects after searching myspace.com, a web site where users often post personal information and photographs. The suspects' names were not listed on the site but the officers were able to track them down by their tagging signs and by investigating a group called "Graffiti Artists."


    Police say two of the suspects have been forthcoming with information and have contacted some of the victims to arrange for restitution.



  2. sek...i think its safe to say that lace got u on the gettin up situation kiddo, maybe u should just see that u got shut the fuk up and do that, shut the fuk up

    the real sek is from orlando...!

    and thats real....fukin biters...

    theres a sek in every city, very generic name, but i agree the sek in orladno would burn this toy sek a new asshole

  3. 'During the winter months graffiti dies down because it's cold. What happens during the winter months is that we can't take our power washers out. We can only take them out above 40 degrees. So graffiti artists get the upper hand in regards to that,' he said.

  4. Originally posted by MIG3 05@Dec 17 2005, 03:11 PM

    I have like 6 black books, not all mine, some dating back to early 90's, and by that I don't mean 95 96, I mean 91-93.

    If I would've given a damn about that back then, I would've had some of my crew mates or friends older books too.

    I also have pictures of at least 1000 lables out of the thousands I have done and posted in this last decade.

    That'll go into a lable thread, sticker page or something.

    Post up, show them MIAMI, or FLORIDA, everything.


    ...so y dnt u post them then? :rolleyes:

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