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  1. This is almost insightful http://www.guardian.co.uk/letters/story/0,,1996508,00.html
  2. should've been there the year before then ;)
  3. Heads up. A mate of mine who's been sketching for a while bought his first consignment of paint last week. He was given a knock on the door by BTP two days later. No one knows he writes (cause he's not really done any graff yet!!) so it was either the paint company or a nosey neighbour who has baited him up.
  4. why didn't you then put what you write? knob.
  5. some of that is pretty funky fresh
  6. that pest is weak.. check out the FDC pest from london.
  7. not usually my cup of tea but i'm feeling that last dub/piece
  8. im not so sure about excusing alot of the lack of graff to poor plots. Theres alot of concrete in pompey, tricorn should've been rinsed when it was derelict (presume the council have done something with it by now) There is that long wall by the train line towards ASDA, all the alleyways which half the world use (like the one between the honest politician and the one eyed dog). Loads of wall space by the old footy ground. Not to mention the seafront space (although it is windy). .. maybe I was just lazy. Edit: Mosh and Tame <-- you are shit - and need to at least be able to sketch before putting can to wall.
  9. Its all about a few heads down in pompey. The scenes good but as its been said in the last 6 pages the scene is tucked away. Some people (you know who you are - probably even posted) managed to get the wimbledon park HOF but at the same time the council buffed the skatepark and pretty much banned painting there. There are a few other walls (the one on southsea common gets hit a fair bit, or used to) and there are some spots here and there otherwise near the retail park/bridges and alleyways (quite a few alleyways in pompey). Otherwise its a) always fucking raining and b) always windy. and all the cabs look like squad cars too - cunts. NT hook up with SR and SR do most of the stuff around there, so to answer another question i read earlier about styles (straight letter? etc) then i'd say its pretty euro in portsmouth. Theres very little crack and shine/london influence. The scene changes from year to year but you could hit up pompey in about three hours imho. Someone else said it though, the train scene is pretty good.
  10. Its pretty obvious where that was.. the bridge.. the bushes..
  11. thats wimbledon.. is further up the line still buffed?
  12. Whats the link for the GT website?
  13. Frank, what do you like about the flick? good memory of that era?
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