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  1. My girl did some models, garden tools with Alice in Wonderland theme. Free Flat top matte black. 4 dollars. They used to be super shiny, painted them, I will buy the Retrosuperfuture ones, don't care about the price, I want them since like 2 years ago, before the brand was popular. Free Usb. Thunderbolt display 27´ Free Black book. Yup... that's about it. I didn't go to Six Flags, lady went. I am not going on Saturday ever again. I am going on Friday and in October. Fright Fest my man, Fright Fest!
  2. Thank you guys. It is very nice to read comments like that. So... Mexico. I am not living with my mother, I am living with my closest friend, one home, two rooms. Catched some kids in my house doing I don't know why, I yelled at them like an old man and they started to yell bad words and ran like crazy oiled pigs. I was taking pictures and then they jumped into a factory. In the hood.
  3. I fell in love with my girlfriend. I love her! She's so creative, intelligent, beautiful, clean, organized, sexy, rude and mean to me. Perfect.
  4. The streets are so fucked up, with sand, no concrete, holes and trash our tires get messed up very quickly so... yeah.
  5. Hello humans... So you'll be asking what's a Llantera? Let's see.
  6. Well... I am going to post again, ok? Waaasssuuuuuupp!!!
  7. :( Me too... I was going to marry her. This one is just a girl, I like her and love her, but... it will end fast. I need to have a girl in order to get a girl, girls don't like guys without girls, I don't know, it's weird, you look like a perv alone in a bar, or like a player with just a bunch of guys. With a girl, you are just a nice guy, then Boom! Loose girl, turn friendship into love and Kaboom! Mission Complete. No Bonus. Mission 2 Start.
  8. Hello my name is Healsonheels, also known as the Holy Mother of God and the Sacred Nurse. Popular for running in Warsong Gulch 10-19 kiting the flag carrier, spamming Shields, dispelling magic, psychich screaming and causing damage with a word of darkness, while doing Train Sounds all the time. Architecture student. Lesbian with a girlfriend. I live in Mexico, lost one eye in a fight, drug clean, smoke white Marlboro and I got a camera as a christmas gift. Mythomaniac and kleptomaniac. New year new school year... absorbs time as F. Weekends are fun and pictures are boring.
  9. I swear, this is the last post just hanging out at this place. Is just that with the semester ending I do nothing. Actually it is a surprise to have time to relax and hang out. Found Just came from painting a rooftop Figure? Boooriiiinggg... sorry. I ate some delicious turkey with mashed potato and yellow corn. My girlfriend thanked God for the food on the table and I thanked God for taking away food from Africa and giving it to us, also thanked capitalism. I am so busy with school. Saturday I am going to a
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