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  1. Originally posted by GucciHoochie@Jun 30 2005, 03:59 PM

    Is that TBK still riding on that shed as you leave phoenix towards la?



    nope that spot got hit two more times and then it was torn down.I'm not sure but i think it was partially gone over...been awhile




    I was talking about I-10, you posted 3 out of five pieces in that production-oshen ,demer,and detor.i was just curious why you didnt post the other two.nothing major.


    im gonna steal some flicks from PG .

  2. ^^^


    I would like for you to give specific examples of unquestioned unconstitutional practices dealing directly with American citizens.You seem to throw around the term "police state"an awful lot yet give no clear cut examples.You sir, a king of exaggeration

  3. when youre thread -worthy someone will make a thread showcasing your work.Keep practing until further notice.


    PS: The term "hating" doesn't apply, because honestly you're not very good.

  4. i think for the most part the writers just want to be in the game,regaurdless of money.Its just another way to get over.


    honestly if someone said we want your handstyle in millions of peoples homes on a daily basis would you turn it down?


    But if said writer had to develop a new image strictly for the game.different story.

  5. my apologies, i kinda ran what "why write" and yourself posted together. dont act like you weren't bashing america. Even though i cant quote you on the evil thing , i can quote you on"what about america is even worth fighting for anymore?"Despite the small loss of some freedoms it is still a pretty great place.


    back on topic:The fact that they were special education students only adds to its ridiculousness .Not mention the cetainty that this case will be thrown out

  6. just because some cops overreacted it doesnt mean america is the most evil nation on the planet.


    Question: what rights have you been individually stripped of by this case?


    stop bringing irrelevent information into play to make your case against america .2 kids getting felonies doesnt equal the downfall of democracy .

  7. medium weight 10-12 reps=mass

    heavy weight under 5 reps=strength


    definition only comes with a drop in bodyfat.Cardio, diet,and strength training all have to act in a balnce to this most effectively.

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