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  1. ^^^True Babania. It is a shame the state of those Stocky boards. I suppose no-one wants to paint them cuz they know they'll get dogged in a second, so they stay in a mostly horrendous state. All these council built spots are a tad small as well.
  2. Dems kills it, overall probably my favourite writer for style in the last few years. I hope there's more to come....
  3. Yeah man it's good to see a smashed McDonalds. They certainly seem to be getting in a lot of rioting in the CPH this year. It's ages since we had any good riots over here (UK).
  4. Nottingham is only 16 miles from Derby, and as you all know, there's already a paint shop which sells Molotow, Alien and Spanish Monties etc. Dilk has been putting in good work for years now by running that shop and I don't think the region needs another one taking away his business. Think yourselves lucky that you already have a paint shop so close... a lot of cities don't have it so good.
  5. FUCKING WANKER ^^^ Have you not got something better to do?
  6. Nice to see you lot making things happen!
  7. The Dynamic Due strike again^^^ That is bad!
  8. What a thread!! After having recently seen Marseille streets featured in Xplicit Grafx and now on here I still cannot believe how a city can be so bombed, I mean it looks totally destroyed. Here in England there are cameras EVERYWHERE and nowhere is bombed like this. Maybe some parts of London but still not to this level.
  9. Man i used to swap photos with this guy back in the day around 1990. BTW I'm based in the UK. Good to see this stuff.
  10. Yo yo^^^ respect to the geezer from Montreal - I met you at the HOF - I see you was out to bomb like you were sayin...
  11. ^^^ Fresh yo!! Coverage Art Supplies and Smallkid Design present... KINGS OF THE YIKADI YAK YARD... BANK HOLIDAY SUNDAY 6TH MAY A day of local and international graffiti writers, old and new painting at the Rescue Rooms courtyards FEATURING... ALERT ANTI DRIP... SUNKIST / NEAS ONE / DILK SUCH / WHON / RUBY OXYGEN THIEVEZ... MR DEAMZE / MOBS / KAPTION 1 / DREGS / KID30 CREED / ITR CREW / MTH CREW MUSIC BY... BULLET PROOF / L.A RETAIL / KUSS / NICKY FISH MARKET+ FRIENDS BBQ STARTING AT 12PM - THIS IS A FREE EVENT! Please respect this event
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