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  1. Anybody see Mier up cross his snitchpussyforlife ass out. Keep the 640 flicks comin! Whose got some new Cask flicks?
  2. Dope news coverage... http://www.ktvu.com/news/news/crime-law/vandals-obscure-highway-sign-i-880-near-macarthur-/nYG87/
  3. Zombies Eatin Evrybody!!
  4. Can't see the cracks from this pic. 8ft x 90ft.
  5. Obviously the people that care about taggin the homeless have never been homeless. Most of u are middle class suburban kids. I've lived on the streets. Eatin what people throw away.That's why I pay the homeless to catch writes on them now. Beg for change or get $5 for a tag on their jacket/wheelchairs whatevs. Bum life. The people that complain "rules" are makin excuses for not getting up. Nothins off limits in this game.
  6. Yo Keep! I just got outta jail tonight. Call me.
  7. Fekto Testme Yeee! AQ UND TOA MA stiil bangin. 1 year left fuckers! 12-21-12
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