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  1. theres should be many.....many.........many more exceptions.......many
  2. buck 65--untitled............try to listen to the song also i wander the fields and listen for the sound of drums, the colder the ground becomes, the closer i get to home. the planet's not fit to roam, what, with all the chaos, but when i saw the savages, i played the law of averages. and when the river splits in half, i start to lose my wits and laugh and cry at the same time, there's nothing i can do about it. even though i wouldn't doubt it if the winds began to blow, and carry the sounds of my voice to the land below. so i put my hands around my mouth and holler to the sunken city, that wallows in the filth of its own drunken pity. and wait to see a signal but a signal's never seen. eventually, fatigue builds inside me exponentially. and so i sleep, and dream that i am able to fly, they won't expect a man with wings. later i awake in agony and learned that while i was sleeping, the city had burned. shrugging my shoulders, i pause and gather thought. think twice about staying put and then decide i'd rather not. so i press on in my agnostic pilgrimmage, knowing that i can swim deeper than the grim reaper. ready for whatever sea creatures may abound, when the water swallows me and not the other way around. survival song ain't through the mechanical district, starvation leads to being cannibalistic. i've had to rely on cons, and silence, and on talking quick. defending myself with nothing but my walking stick. i've never had friends and no parental guidance, i'm wild at heart and weird on top. i'm feared nonstop, even though my rage is worn out. my life's a book with several pages torn out. i just climb trees and look for rhythm everywhere. i used to be the town crier in a city of stone throwers, until my soul was laid bare and displayed in the pearly square. and lord, more than a lot, not less, no one understood my thought process. i was gagged and bound over noise complaints, but commanding the resolve that destroys constraints. i found my escape in a melting of memories, the next thing i know, i'm rowing this boat, and blowing this note on an old tarnished trumpet. ever since then, i've been wandering lots, watching the sky and pondering thoughts. strange angel, music box genie, behind for some time and now i'm blind in one eye, and how this happened exactly will never be known. my thoughts take the shape of the hangman's house. never fails when the time traveling salesmen visit. buck 65 verse from dazed and confused by the sebutones.....once again get the song dazed and confused in the house where you were raised and abused i'm amazed with the way your getting praised and reviews by the critics they can't tell the difference between basics and acidics to be specific they said the beats were terrific and the rhymes should set the standard his thoughts were like a river the way they meandered and flowed in a time of monatany and t.v. i'm using rag for a canvas and semen as the medium to further sedate the solar system that slept while i smakced it around like a red headed step child and then as mr.atlas aggrevates his taprezeous(sp?) muscle i sell promise to kids cause its the easiest hussle seek sanctum in the middle of the lynx and the chain and die trying trying to solve the riddle of the sphinx in the process doctor am i making any progress?......will be the famous last words unlike the musk rat loch ness experts will prove that you never existed in reality a sad story twisted in legality bound in red tape and foregetfullness your lost tolerate his addiction and with brought cross pollony i've seen every episode from the segas genasis riding side saddle on a castrated pegasus the zero gravity high speed kentic shifter of shapes and momentum call me the genetic drifter............................ i typed that all out by ear..........so as i said......get the song.......its a must
  3. "i'm murdering herbs......my mouth spits so much shit i'm gurgling turds" this guy reminds of mac lethal..........almost to the exact point listened to the guy for awhile a about a year ago
  4. Re: Re: Re: Top Movies/Films Everyone Should See + Why meth?
  5. tony da skitzo--the grinch freestyle fellowship--cornbread spoon(of iodine)--anti-christ anticon--holy shit shapeshifters--brain fish oner dopestyle 1231 ft.motion man--threshold underbelly........but pretty much everything on this album was fresh.....this song being the freshest eclypse and mr.nervous--nasty habit if you don't know................you probabally still don't know
  6. i never thought it was that good at all but it is really funny when they put those kids in there and have them swear and shit........i thought that was good dead
  7. more like this and the beef one and the dr.doom one score more up lots more like this one though......tons... seriously
  8. your never a legend until you pass away........dog.....kick.....him.....i wish
  9. anyone who can find this and what the name of it is......shall be king truly fudoh was fucking awesome watch the bride with white hair.........good gone
  10. Re: And the oscer goes to...... WESTSIDE YO
  11. absu-the gold torques of ulaid pantera-walk tony da skitzo-senoritas,the grinch, and hi-to venomous villian promo (album) joy division-atrocity exhibition cali ragz-the underground project (album) przm presents spitball the last straw (album) radioinactive and antimc-free kamal (album) the dorian three-down word up songs (album) sodom-agent orange (album) existereo-crush groove (album) thunderhut project..............fuck......(album) absu-tara......(album) slayer-church of slaytan....a fucking album........
  12. its xololanxinxo.........you really really know your real real westcoast underground sucker
  13. Re: don't sleep on one of the greatest musicians of all time so this is the guy they meet in oh brother where the fuck you been? right? right bitch?
  14. http://www.whiskeyclone.net/ghost/images/humpty2.jpg'> this fucking bitch gives you boners.......fuck
  15. she looks like a female version of fucking humpty hump.......fucking dyke
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