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  1. I.C.Shadow


    Nightowl. I play both ROC and TFT. The.VaporS on east, 24-2 random. Get at me :D
  2. I.C.Shadow


    Madden fucking sucks. Seriously. Still working on: Ninja Gaiden Black : A+ Prince of Persia 2 : B-/B God Of War : A Warcraft 3 pwns j00 ^^
  3. shitty boyfriend alert. Quoted post [/b] Uhhh... No. Fuck it is an appropriate response given the situation. If she wants to drop some bullshit and bounce while leaving homie stressing then, well, fuck it. He is making some effort and she wants to ignore him? Fuck that. Either a) You were a shitty boyfriend. Move on. b) She's a flake. Move on. c) She found a new man. Move on. I don't know if you remember but a couple months ago I was on here all butthurt about being dumped. I thought I was in love. That I would never, ever be happy again. That bitch doesn't even come to mind anymore. It's just time homie. I know it hurts, girls are confusing and make zero sense. Home it works out.
  4. Yo, why does everyone in these ads have fucked up skin? Why's meth do that?
  5. This isnt youtube or google video, but video nonetheless. Skateboard/snowboard SO FUCKING SICK Bombing past cars, carving parvement. I want one :D http://www.freebord.com/ride/ http://www.freebord.com/mammoth/
  6. I.C.Shadow


    When I was in CO I didn't have a car and went EVERYWHERE on my Sector 9. It's a retardedly fun way to get around. + CO has more paved bikepaths than any state in the country. Now I live in the ghetto part of boston and the longboard isn't cutting it... This is where it's at though... You can legit carve/slide/spin on pavement. Peep the videos! http://www.freebord.com/ride/ http://www.freebord.com/mammoth/ http://www.freebord.com/indexFlash.htm - Old site I'd kick a nun in the box for one of these things :yuck:
  7. These are BAD! That dude got his eye punched out, Jesus.
  8. You guys have waaay nice places than I do... But I only pay 325 a month, I guess you get what you pay for.
  9. I drunk text'd my ex with Instead of hoping for the best I will be rooting for you to fall. My celly fucked up and sent it like 20 times. We dont talk anymore.
  10. We used to do monster battles. Someone would draw a monster and then the next one bould draw another monster that kicks the other ones ass. Actually, we still do this sometimes =/ I don't feel as old as I should....
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