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yewz hated

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  1. yewz hated

    Plant Trees

    im wondering for xmas does he add a star with lights and shit?:confused:
  2. degon and skin son salvajes:lol:
  3. yewz hated

    STAK tfp

    nice thead and nice rayin jacking the oker n stak flick from me i told you nerds to get your own shit. this is why i hate posting flicks nobody wants to go get there own shit anymore its saddddd.
  4. http://www.alanpaukman.com/flicks/424.jpg'> i thought this looked better here :idea: :D :cool:
  5. STAK & OKER .. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v172/yewzallah/stakoker.jpg'> BROOKLYN NEW YORK .O4 '' dont be a parasite'':king: :idea:
  6. question 1 2 check whats that crap next to cs? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. glass eater not graffiti? it aint? so what is the stickers n krink about? elaborate on that . if it aint for you kool but to cry about how much it cost to clean sounds softy to me or your in the crimewatch program:cool:
  8. forget etch i got that ether:idea: :D :) :king: :lick: ;) :dazed:
  9. dez got slayed with bottles at a ghostface show recent now this :confused: damn not a good year for mr drama. :idea:
  10. that says kons? :lol: :lol: i thought it said merry xmas:) :idea: with the cherrys on em:D
  11. rookies n spelling b's:lol: :lol:
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