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  1. i cosign HHHHHHH


    yaw can PM links of flicks yaw want posted, I dont give a shit Ill post them and you can stay anonymous without getting shook to post them yourself..



    This thread has had some crazy moments.

    Old Faithful use to drop the shit talk gems in here.

  2. #3 is why I'm going with the wifebeaters.

    I might try trimming 'em up and see how that works. I like the belt I have, Its a good leather one that I've had for almost ten years now. Broken in real well.


    And I wear my pants where they're supposed to sit. I have to lift and move a lot of stuff at work, sagging or too high would be massively problematic.


    Also, the hairier I get the more bellybutton lint I seem to produce



    you have a gut?

  3. I've reached a point in my life where I have to wear wifebeaters or else several times throughout the day my belly hair will get pinched by my belt somehow and cause excruciating pain and some mild swearing.






    1. shave or trim down. sounds like you have some long belly hairs


    2. loosen your pants. sounds like your pants are riding pretty high or maybe to tight


    3. wear a shirt undernear your other shirt and keep it tucked in.


    4. get a new belt. like this one maybe



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