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  1. 4 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

    Damn!! I forgot about these!!




    This will forever be cemented in my brain about new era hats.  He was a trip!! I hope his transition was painless. Thank you Jugz!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  2. I’m lurking.


    Never was a fan of mega threads on channel zero. I always liked the turn over of new threads.


    My best 12oontzing experiences were from a desktop or laptop.


    I’ve been living in São Paulo, Brazil more on than off for the past 10 1/2 years. Changed my life. Miss the old ounce.


    Stoked that Meros success jumped off!!


    good to see Casek is still alive after DAO mailed him AIDS.


    by the way....


    R.I.P. Gamblers Grin.

  3. There are pleeeeeeeenty of shallow bitches in this world he could have gotten, the problem is this lil nigglet had 0 game. Too busy being a whiney lil pussy making sunset videos instead of focusing on beating cheeks.


    He might not have found genuine love but at least he would have gotten some butt.

    With all that money, travel around the world, see shit, lots of foreign bitches love Americans with money.

    I see rich nerdy gringos wifeing up bitches everyday.


    his game plan was like 50 throwing the first pitch at a Mets game.



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  4. last year a buddy and I entered into a commuter train yard as we always did in Brazil when a Dog came barking... My buddy and i jumped up between the cars so we wouldnt get our legs chewed off.

    Sure enough the transit cops came that patrol the yard with guns drawn. When they figured out what we were about to do, they said "you made us get up for this?"


    we got down and I could only think fuck fuck fuck...

    they got our documents and realized I wasnt from there.


    They took us to a dif part of the yard and told my Brazilian friend to punch me in the face and in return I would punch him in the face. The whole time they were laughing. I looked at my friend and told him to punch me as hard as he could, just to let these dudes know i wasnt going to give the the satisfaction of letting them get to me. My friend knocked the shit out of me. I almost fell down and they cops were cursing me and telling me to get up, ect, ect. I then punched him in the face..


    They took our paint and let us leave.. im guessing so they wouldnt have to deal with paper work.

    My buddy was super pissed. I was happy i wasnt in jail in a 3rd world country. its not fun. Losing the paint and getting punched in the face sucked but at least I went home that night. fuck all cops

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