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  1. 7 minutes ago, misteraven said:

    There's things we can do as humans and as a society to minimize these sorts of things. 


    I sincerely hope that people really take this as a lesson and take efforts to improve their resiliency and preparedness. Its a bad situation how most people can barely take on any unexpected financial or physical hardship. Really bad that people are not prepared to lock down for a week or two in terms of groceries and supplies. Hopefully we all wash out hands a little more frequently as well.

    oh i bugged out to the country with my old lady and kiddos the day before my city got shut down. we got a month worth of food and water and the hardware to ensure it stays ours if we need to use it, but grocery stores are still open here so its reserves. Im just bummed cause i wanna go home, but being in a major metropolis doesn't seem like the safest move for several obvious reasons. 


    I'm just thinking if this is just gonna be a thing now like the flu every year, wtf is that gonna change up in real life after this quarantine shit.

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  2. Thinking about jumping back on the old wagon myself, been getting into too much bullshit lately.

    It's always weird to me whenever i lay off the booze for a while, i feel like everything's gonna be

    great all of a sudden because i stopped. Then I struggle to stay sober when it's not.

  3. A buddy just called and asked if i wanted 2 tickets and a parking pass for free. I was tempted to hop on the harley with a tent

    and smash out there, and then i remembered that i don't like rave shit like that at all. Almost said yeah, just cause it'd be fun to go desert partying with KIR.




  4. I'm all for a thick cut slice but got damn that's like a marinara bread bowl


    Yeah it get's to be a little much, but they do taste good as fuck. The one i got had fennel sausage

    and pepperoni stuffed in there with the cheese. On the topic of Little Ceasars, their pizza is meh,

    but the Crazy Bread is fucking awesome! and something like 2 bucks for an order. I'll take 3 orders

    and be chilling waiting for a heart attack to happen.


    And sorry M-C, that Mcd's pizza looks horrible, although i appreciate the open minded approach to a pie.

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