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  1. oh i bugged out to the country with my old lady and kiddos the day before my city got shut down. we got a month worth of food and water and the hardware to ensure it stays ours if we need to use it, but grocery stores are still open here so its reserves. Im just bummed cause i wanna go home, but being in a major metropolis doesn't seem like the safest move for several obvious reasons. I'm just thinking if this is just gonna be a thing now like the flu every year, wtf is that gonna change up in real life after this quarantine shit.
  2. I'm curious if this ever will die out or if its just something the world has now. Am i always gonna be sweatin' catching the new boogaloo?
  3. was thinking the same thing. homie needs to throw 12oz in the shoutouts!
  4. Misteraven, your insta throw back screen grab is what peeked my interest again. The nostalgia of what once was got me to come back, keep it up and i bet the trend will continue.
  5. good to see some folks trying to get this thing going again. I've been making it a point to come around daily and start contributing again. hopefully it builds some steam again.
  6. Graduated high school painted a lot of freights watched dog be born drove roll off trucks dated strippers(fun summer '06) traveled met current lady moved across the country got a harley got married had a kiddo some years ago opening a new bar watched my dog die last week drank a bunch since then up to date.
  7. been around here for a while, i had an account before this one, don't remember the name though. Might have been Vandal Eyes. Been lurking 12oz since at least 01, maybe 2000.
  8. I just stayed up WAY too late going back through the first 20 pages again. So fucking cool my dude.
  9. Balls to the wall! DrSexo killing it
  10. ink face


    Thinking about jumping back on the old wagon myself, been getting into too much bullshit lately. It's always weird to me whenever i lay off the booze for a while, i feel like everything's gonna be great all of a sudden because i stopped. Then I struggle to stay sober when it's not.
  11. A buddy just called and asked if i wanted 2 tickets and a parking pass for free. I was tempted to hop on the harley with a tent and smash out there, and then i remembered that i don't like rave shit like that at all. Almost said yeah, just cause it'd be fun to go desert partying with KIR.
  12. that sober is tight, but what the fucks up with the Mover tag 20 feet above it?!
  13. Reno's one of those towns that's rad in small doses to me, like New Orleans. There's some fun shit to get into out there, and you can find desert walls to get down on. Watch out for the tweakers though, lot's of them out there.
  14. That graffiti tv vid was my jam back in the day.
  15. Anybody remember playing this game at the neighborhood pool all summer? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=spread%20eagle&defid=367809
  16. Don't remember if it was a thrasher or transworld, but that was the cover shot back in the 90's at some point. Wasn't it Jeremy Wray?
  17. name's been taken for a while too, chief. Since at least 95, probably before that though.
  18. Yeah it get's to be a little much, but they do taste good as fuck. The one i got had fennel sausage and pepperoni stuffed in there with the cheese. On the topic of Little Ceasars, their pizza is meh, but the Crazy Bread is fucking awesome! and something like 2 bucks for an order. I'll take 3 orders and be chilling waiting for a heart attack to happen. And sorry M-C, that Mcd's pizza looks horrible, although i appreciate the open minded approach to a pie.
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