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  1. scatman that picture in a train station is beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful
  2. snob

    Cakes dsk

    orrrrrrrrrrrrr slept on writers such as shot,chose,arie it doesnt just kick of in prague it kicks of everywhere http://www.paragraff.wz.cz http://www.outlineshop.cz http://www.time4style.cz
  3. Writers are too paranoid to post a couple of flicks and a few friendly sentences these days amen to that!
  4. thanks for the tip i am currently practicing bob u misunderstood me...i wasnt referring to the walls in bedminster park cos i wouldnt go over someone like ziml or whoever burns in bristol at the mo cos that would be stupid. im talking about the ramps or the concrete floor...whoever said leave the whole of bedmo park to the burners...no every artist in brsitol or wherever in the world who burns started of like me or you....i was basically referring to the poeple that dog on about this writer or that write and instead of using their mouths...they use paint pens or spray cans to go over other poeples work...beef exists everywhere but when it gets to the stage where people do it for the sheer sake of recognition then people like me begin to question. feedback is productive!
  5. yes...hello this is not a complaint....more like me stating my opinion. bedmister skate park as we all know is fully decorated with visual lushness and so on. writers go there to socialise, have a smoke and paint, which usually consists of people going over each other, due to the lack of space. Naming no names, but when someone go's over someone in my case...it is not for the sake of starting childish this that but simply because i want to practice and there is not enough space....dont pointlessly line other people's work out for the sake of becoming the talk of bristol its not worth it...we all have mouths... use them.
  6. YES! for keeping this thread alive YES! for the fresh materialismos
  7. fnb are yorkshire laddies! leeds based indeed if im not mistaken....keep this thread alive with that brizzle fuzziness
  8. stop talking... more flicks!
  9. you can guess where i got the flicks from
  10. to that flick above....IIG and EINZ are both Prague writers. the train doesnt look like its prague subway at all. cant tell where it is
  11. not sure if this will work but this is some czech commuter stuff
  12. snob

    Ici Montréal

    i love the lettering some of these writers use....fresh as chicken bone on a sunday evening..peace
  13. snob

    Updated Sites,

    http://www.paragraff.wz.cz czech vandalism!
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