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  1. yea i didnt spend tht much time there to see it all but i got on a few trains and he has killed it! much respect
  2. just got bak from paris, tranes kiled the traksides out there
  3. cummon man sort ur name out ^^^^^
  4. is tht rabe the rabe who paints with mena an tht lot?
  5. has to be sed tht fuber is terrible! was it even worth posting
  6. crakhead


    "i dont know why anyone didnt ask me...........? and i dont no WHY 'CRAKHEAD' HAS GONE AND REMOVED THE BANNER FROM THAT STEAS MOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? SHOW SOME RESPECT AND RESPECT THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE TAKEN THE FLIKS PLEASE, THE BANNER IS THERE FOR A REASON! THANKS" the banner was taken off cos i know for a fact the flik doesnt belong to u! so dnt get cocky son cos tht peice was probly dun b4 u even started graffiti! so lets jus leave it at tht as this thread isnt about smart comments its about mood, ;) wether theres a toy banner above the dub or not!!!!!!
  7. "I believe that's one of b0b's flicks..." thts cool man! must jus hav similar fliks anyways did he catch the other 2 pannels on the train aswell cos my camra run out on tht goks so i didnt get a chance to get the others? ;)
  8. crakhead


    mood from a few years bak by steas the mood to the right of it is done by firm aswell!
  9. pritty sure i took tht goks flik dunno how hurtyoubad got it? or maby its jus a similar flik never mind! any ways now iv figered out how to post i mite hav to look frew a few old foto collections an post sum fliks :rolleyes:
  10. how do u attach fliks like tht?
  11. keep tryin to post sum fliks but cant figa out how to sorry
  12. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TwAdA44ZpCS...6MfXRNu27zSR15O
  13. ok well we all hav our own opinions so lets jus leave it at tht :huh2:
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