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  1. ok, ok, so these next flix are from the east bay, but m too lazy to post there and yall will enjoy em too so here goes... west oakland bart station... ive seen a vogue '89 scribe still runnin at the san leandro bart station. thats it... they were stolen too. now everyone can bitch and whine about how thats in the east bay. yall should just go check that shit out yourself... peace.
  2. i stay awake like an owl... all stolen.
  3. some stollies... thanks to whoever sent me this link.
  4. this fools like the oldest writer ever… I saw a documentary he was in it hittin up and hes like a 80 year old man talking bout how he hit thousands of freights every year with streaks. Hes a bull or something too.
  5. twick told me bout how they came back the second night to outline and as they were working on em they pulled off…weak sauce.
  6. whats this about? arent they both kyt?
  7. whats that shit with the statue of liberty? nice flicks. i got some comin right now.
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