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  1. Look mate, im sure if someone knew they wouldnt release on here to anyone anway. Try going through an intermediary, try myspace, if you are who you say you are, someone will help you out.
  2. monkey47


    just bumping the thread up...
  3. You should stop your chat, your always on this forum talking about things you shouldn't. Then you go boasting about who you have BBQ's in europe with, when people question your credibility to comment on issues that arent any of your businiess. Acting like your some sort of british graf scene hero helping us to move on from our island doldrums. Do us all a favour and keep your comments to yourself and your mates. As usual this forum is testament to all the problems that are arrising in our scene. So take your self righteous snout and stick it somewhere else you cunt. :dunce::dunce::dunce:
  4. Excuse me for pointing out the fact that you are just owning up to biting from European Graffiti films. Plus you just trashed a city (London) that has had some firing styles over the last 3 decades, granted there is alot of shit but where is their not. And finally if this isnt NT styles im going senile from old age... ... reverse the N (sorry i meant M) and T and your not far off, as NT always use a copyright symbol. MOO :dunce: :dunce: :dunce:
  5. Why does everybody on the south coast try and paint an NT style, why bite from biters, i mean thats low. :bawling::bawling::bawling:
  6. Yes, check the trailor, i cant imagine it being anyone else. http://www.stateyourname.com/
  7. ^^^ :five-o: :five-o: :five-o:
  8. All you wanted to hear is that your mum's a slut and runs in the family you mug. :dunce: :dunce: :dunce:
  9. :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :skull2: :skull2: :skull2: oink
  10. at least someone is keeping it live.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPsSD6BHTlE
  11. monkey47

    Uk Freights

    Get back to texting your preteen boyfriends you mug. :dunce::dunce::dunce:
  12. monkey47

    Uk Freights

    dem is pure gash, ohksinator you is getting ripped on the freights, dat is cuz dey is pure bum rash, dat is low. rewind... heavy heavy freight yard ting. likes. im out like mash... potatoes. pure.. likes...
  13. next time j.a. puts you up and not your mum then you can carry on slagging, meanwhile okers smashing london and laughing at all of us. stolen from ny thread, coutesy of purple nerple
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