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Everything posted by adumkreature

  1. best post in years no doubt goo ol roboCop flixz.
  2. ey that is my flix shit that was the best shit to hit yale wall along with some ins and KWs back in the days. Quoted post \ yeah thats back in the day i got a grip of flix from back then ill scan em and post em... Quoted post [/b] yea man post them flixz.
  3. ey that is my flix shit that was the best shit to hit yale wall along with some ins and KWs back in the days.
  4. Fat toez nigga say what you wanna say just chill out witht he name dropping cause you and i know who you are and you ain't gonna like it if soem of these niggaz get a hold of you you talkign about niggaz talkign shit behind a computer and shit and you doing the same shit if you don't like these niggaz tell them straigh up or say who you are why you ackting like a biatch? even talkign shit about yo own crew me das lastima wey.
  5. Yo fat toez i Get you capping or making fun of niggaz and shit in a way that shit is hilarious and shit but you needz to chill out with dropping niggaz names on here and personal info on here that shit is gay nigga. my two centz.
  6. nice shit 83 good to see more of your shit on hOUstOne.
  7. O shit big Askoe is Out welcome back nIga. nice ONe
  8. LOl bump for fat toez commentz.
  9. chuzta and cine 54 masive 54 cine 54 & chuzta
  10. holy moly fuckne nver doing rooftops . keep them coming nver and Meak .
  11. bump for them Rtl GY and UAc's
  12. o shit big Die back in action wuz up nigga get at me. bump for noise and scam for fucking up the that new teather off the 6
  13. BUmp for that BOy ASCo 54 and for BIg NVEr.
  14. I got a couple of them on sale along with some graff supplies to get at me.
  15. bump for that nigga rIms nice bombs yo pinche masIvo where you at puto??
  16. pinche Nv going hard on them canvases the one chick looks like that one gurl from LA No?? bump more epnos that shit is clean where is Mr code at?
  17. BUmp for tha nigga guts for killing them fr8s
  18. Props to that NIGGA GHOsE and Nacho froM that Smelly toEz CRew. 54.
  19. http://www.geocities.com/Night_creaturez03
  21. that shit is fucken nice LUmoz propps to Geezpot for gettign creative on them sketchez wuz up SAy ONe ?? looking good as alwayz.
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