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  1. i hope thats a can2 sketch :clown2:
  2. so who had the main wall.. u know were daim had 2 years ago.. and wow had last year?
  3. stae 2 and celf had the hotest colors in the whole jam.. also one of the most interesting styles
  4. ahh.. hand styles http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/B1XSp_HPIM0322.JPG'>
  5. bonfire

    ewok flix

    http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/xq3D7_HPIM0255.JPG'> an image from twicer's black book
  6. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/T8dsA_HPIM0253.JPG'>
  7. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/h1EQt_HPIM0250.JPG'> Twice-sf hfa iv yahoo
  8. bonfire

    sub_scribe df

    i would like to that jive piece posted on the left of scribes caractor
  9. i would like to see the celf piece.. all i got was a red X
  10. if that "great" piece isn't "giant" doing another name then thats a huge bite!
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