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  1. Ha ha ha hah a, ba ah ha. This thread is ridiculous. Definately going to be one of the best threads ever. I will be adding my flicsss as soon as I finish the 7.
  2. ha ha hah aah ahaha, that comedian who hit the guy with his guitar was hilarious...I'm surprised the crowd didn't respond positively.
  3. resemblance?you tell me. http://home.comcast.net/~makemefamous/images/hitler.jpg'>http://home.comcast.net/~makemefamous/images/arnold.jpg'>
  4. Agreed. But...you've got to go to my website, and print out a flyer and put it on your fridge. www.makebrandonfamous.com And, only you, because you were the first person to ask. No one else.
  5. ^^^agreed. although maybe not the worst song, but definately worst lyrics.
  6. or wait, make fun of me for spelling profile like pedophile above instead^^^
  7. So there's this website called game to fame, where you try to be the most famous person on the website. Well, I signed up, since I'm on this whole fame trip right now...and anyway, I'm dragging all of you hooligans down with me. http://gametofame.net/profiles.asp?quserid...donfamousdotcom Check it out, add your prophile and try to become famous...or don't. Now is where you all make fun of me for making a stupid thread. No really, it's ok I can take it.
  8. Well thats because the joke is on you. But no, on the reals...I love finding other peoples notes and stories and whatnot. Never found a gem quite like that though.
  9. blazow..Here's a couple. me http://home.comcast.net/~makemefamous/images/me/brandon1.jpg'> http://home.comcast.net/~makemefamous/images/me/brandon2.jpg'> Here's me now. http://home.comcast.net/~makemefamous/images/me/brandon6.jpg'>
  10. so me and some friends were talking about how the "Washington redskins" is the most racial team name in proffesional sports, and why it's never become a huge enough issue that they've had to change it. I almost guarantee if it were the washington blackskins it would have been changed by now. I think it'd be cool if when it does get changed eventually, they changed it to the washington whiteskins.
  11. Yeah...this happens way more often than it should. It's the age old "really cool girl who dates huge losers all the time" syndrome. Although its worse when she won't look twice at you, but she continually manages to find these fugtards all over the place. There's only been a few times when girl I know started dating a guy I'd never met before and he ended up not being a huge cheese dick. Or how about this...your dating a girl, you break up, and the next few guys she dates are complete losers, even her friends tell you that they don't know why she's dating these dudes, and everyone knows she can do way better. Whats with that? Girls are ridiculous, I've given up on them for the time being. Almost a year single and going strong.
  12. yeah, it must be the new trend to die at 54, I think I'll go at like 55 or something original like that. believe.
  13. yeah, I'm holding out from getting a cell phone. I think I'm one of the last few. Everyone of my friends has got one. But you can bet that if I did get one, it'd be a zack morris phone. Or do something like this. Bling. http://www.ai.mit.edu/~rahimi/coolmf/cellphone.jpg'>
  14. a picture I took while camping a few months ago http://home.comcast.net/~makemefamous/images/moth.jpg'>I have a few more that are ok. Maybe I'll add them later.
  15. Brandon


    alright alright...so the sites not going over too well. I guess not shares my highly acute sence of humor. But come on guys, did you at least think the video where he wakes up with a bloody face and starts puking was funny? That is comic genuis at its finest. I mean really, who doesn't think thats funny??
  16. Brandon


    some people have no sense of humor.
  17. yeah foo...you forgot to add to your list 5- front to back 6- back to front 7- straight on (I don't know, maybe someone on here dabs at it)
  18. Brandon


    oh yeah... since we've already established that everyone is too lazy to even do normal functions like piss... ...here is the link to the site: www.limmy.com
  19. Brandon


    Go here, and enjoy lots of fun, excitement, and english spoken with an incredibly thick accent. No, but really, this guy cracks me up. His videos are random, and he's got funny flash stuff. Here is a video! http://www.limmy.com/videos/birthdaycard/
  20. (insert lots of giggling noises here). That was really funny. But then again, nerd bashing always is.
  21. Ahhhhh, the old board, ha, that was great (not really). Yes, despite the fact that this says I just registered, I've been on here for a few years. This is my 3rd name.
  22. from the morning piss thread this was said in response to the above... Ha, this made me laugh really hard. But I had the mouse in my hand, and was holding down the button because I was scrolling down the page reading, and I never let go so as I was laughing really hard and my body was convulsing, along with my arm and hand, and the mouse...so the whole screen was moving up and down really fast. Then I laughed harder at that.
  23. Yeah yeah...so people are lazy. Doesn't change the fact that it's annoying. although, slightly less annoying than when people write: "Kewl".
  24. Ha, that one is pretty good. Or just when people fall in general.
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