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  1. why did Helen Keller's dog run away? You would too if your name was "Eeeohmedahauumberrrr" Better when told aloud. And I know she wasn't retarded, but close enough.
  2. agreed to the fullest. 2000.
  3. Huh, I don't know what the problem is then man. There is a problem with Indesign CS that I've found already though. This being that when you try to use a transparency or a feathering or anything like that on an imported image, it looks fine in Indesign, and it looks fine when you export it to a .pdf, but when you try and print it, it prints as if you'd just imported the picture and stuck it there without any effects. Bah!
  4. Yeah, Quark bites the big one, although its somehow the industry standard still...it won't be. I don't think it will even exist in a couple years.
  5. wait Steve, don't tell me....your using Quark right now???
  6. Are you using pantone colors for your illustrator file? If you are the problem is that even though illustrator and indesign are both adobe products and therefor should have cross-compatibility using the pantone color matching system...they don't. So this causes problems when importing ai files into indesign. In some cases it might look fine when its printed (if thats what you plan on doing with the file when you are completed). Otherwise you've got to re-apply the colors to your objects in indesign.
  7. BRINGING THE KNOWLEDGE Another theory is that the term cop is short for copper, because of the copper metal that the badges were made of back in the day.
  8. I'm also fixing up an old JBPlayer that someone gave me. Not really worth anything. All black and typical 80s electric look.
  9. Yamaha SG2000 Best electric Yamaha ever made. I play a lot of rock, alternative rock, hair metal, etc. And worship music at my church.
  10. yeah, that is a good song. I'm not into the whole folk rock scene or whatever you'd classify her stuff as, but I did like that song.
  11. whoever said that it didn't work for them needs to learn to count again, it can't be wrong, it always works.
  12. don't ask me how I found this song... but, "Michelle Shocked - Graffitti Limbo" The song was written for Michael Stewart, a New York writer who was caught writing on a subway station wall, and was strangled to death while 11 transient cops watched. None of the cops got in any kind of trouble.
  13. ^^^which brings us to the "using props to mac chicks" thread.
  14. yeah, now that I think about it, I should have stated that he wasn't talking about football. He actually was talking to us about young girls.
  15. Lately I've been in California about every 6 months or so. And Everytime I'm there, I want In-n-out. So I end up going. But this summer, I finally realized something very profound - I don't really like In-n-out. Everytime I eat there, I end up with a stomach ache. And the fries aren't even good. They taste like grease-soaked cardboard sticks. The burgers aren't bad, but its not worth feeling sick afterwords. The sad thing is I'll probably still go next time I'm down there. Oh well. Such is life.
  16. My football coach told me that in high school. Brandon/superjock...oner
  17. Yeah, well said. Props like money/cars/etc. are just asking for trouble. I don't know if a camera is so bad though. Now that I think about it, there are two types of props. I'll call the first type: Gateways - those props that help you to stand out of the croud and therefore get noticed more (a camera, a ridiculous hat, etc.) This inturn will be a gateway for a girl to meet you, and then decide if she likes you. Gateway props can often be seen as common interests. The second type of prop I'll call: Substitutes - although these props may also help you to stand out in a croud, these props tend to make (always make) a girl like you for any reason other than well...you (money, cars, fame, power, etc.). This prop is a substitute for you - meaning the girl (goldigger) will be attracted to your substitute prop rather than your personality, common interests, looks, etc. Choose your props wisely. Use gateway props if you are looking for a relationship. When using gateway props, or no props at all, it may take more time to meet a girl, but she will more than likely be a quality individual. Use substitute props if you are looking for really snobby rich chicks, and just want some tail and don't care if she has half a brain, or any personality at all for that matter. *Caution*: never use substitute props when looking for a relationship. It can take only a few minutes to find a girl who is attracted to substitute props given the right atmosphere (clubs), in contrast with the months or years it might take to find someone who actually is attracted to you and your personality and shares common interests, morals, etc. In conclusion...girls are the devil.
  18. word. Great thread. Keep it up.
  19. I wouldn't think so. It's an automatic felony if you run from the cops. I can't imagine that running from a random citizen would get you a felony, but I can't say for sure.
  20. yeah, cloud 9 is a store on south padre, I've been there. And the island is part of Texas.
  21. Almost anything local. And any tampon commercial...Oh, and those commercials for medication, where they make it seem like your life will be so much better, and then never tell you what its for. It took me damn near a year to figure out what Rogain was for when they started running those commercials.
  22. yeah, there are quite a few of those flicks that aren't LA, but oh well, I don't really care. Good stuff no matter where they are from.
  23. http://www.graffsupply.com/graffpixz/JASE_1.JPG'> I beleive you're right. This is a different jase, although most of his stuff I've seen before read "jaser", or at least I thought so. I don't know if he writes anything else now though.
  24. Leno isn't funny. Letterman is funnier. Conan is twice as funny than both of them put together.
  25. Yeah, I don't really know why he was afraid of getting checked for worms at the border. Something tells me he wasn't all there in the head. A couple monkeys short of a full barrel if you know what I mean. I was afraid he was going to lunge at me with a knife or something if I got much closer, although most of the homeless population I've met have been some of the nicest people. This guy just seemed a little different.
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