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  1. "I almost got arrested takin this flick, the store owner almost got me busted, He called the cops when i showed up to take the flick, next time i go out to NY im gonna fuck that fool up. " you are a liar. you cant get arrested for taking pictures of a mail box.
  2. the phsyk wholecar is fresh. virus theory rove shame kwest all around good post


    ^^ when did you catch that other/labrona? cause like 2 weeks ago it was at my spot and it was sitting there for so long..
  4. hoser baron bear kwest nace cnile dizzy rascal . . .
  5. nothing but red x's dizzy rascal
  6. no way guy, your from western canada too? fix your post yo.
  7. i appreciate this post, thanks.
  8. again good post j-money.
  9. onset theory. fourtwenty
  10. i was in vegas with my family last xmas and saw some of these bombs.. more flicks???
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