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  1. as in the whole company equipment and all? or would u like to just sell me a silk screen machine?.... :love2:
  2. obvious ur drunk... come back sober and apologize.. :haha:
  3. :haha: :haha: holy shit...thats an awesome idea!!! wooo eee!!! its going down this weekend!
  4. i got 3 girls in my life... i dunno what to do..
  5. you did all 4 names? crazy yo... but shit is fresh....... *flys away to feed on humans..*
  6. well it is a tad bit weird but i would like to invite u all to my house... its in the SF bay area...peace... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....vagina!
  7. damn yo.... how much money do i send?.. i mean i got lunch money, but i dont think i can split it up 100's of ways.. i mean, dont i have to buy stamps too?>.. :gaga:
  8. so i dressed up to show how i want to be a knight bat... i think im pretty determined
  9. my friend had that problem with BEARSHARE... i think u have to use another program to open it... as in dont use the default player for winmx...
  10. so to become a memeber u gotta like have stealth mode and use ninja stars or what?... im confused..
  11. Rules and regulations are as follows for the Emcee Crew Battle: * First Round (2 minutes, one crew at a time) * Second-Final rounds ( 1 minute x2, head to head) *** crews will be judged on the following items: - written or freestyle content - crowd rockin' - team work/ routines - beat riding ability ****you may bring your own Deejay, or one will be provided for you. To pre-register your crew/team email us at: lyricaldiscipline@yahoo.com $10 for teams of 2, $15 for teams of 3 Location: San Jose, California MACLA 510 South 1st Street Date: Saturday April 16th Doors Open At 9pm.. ALL AGES. ================================================== Come Out To San Jose and Support the UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION! Performing live: Deux Process (LA) Shamako Noble (SJ) Contaminants (SF) The Jimmy Handtrix Experience. DJ's: DJ Ready Red (Original Geto Boys DJ) DJ Havik (UZN, MZK, LD, Beat Junkies) DJ Duece Ace (UZN, Jimmy Handtrix). Art Provided by: Zeno (UZN, MZK, LD,RTM) Scape 1 (liquidscape.com) Armoedon (LD) Veronica Soto (LD) Abe Menor HOSTED BY: Apakalips (UZN, MZK, LD) Special Invited guests include: 206 Zulu, Adisa Bonjoko, Davey D, north star Zulus, LA Zulus, Zulu Gremlin, AllWest Coast Zulus, SJ Mercury News, Mariane Liu, 106.1 KMEL, 90.5 KSJS For more info contact: lyricaldiscipline@yahoo.com http://www.deuxprocess.com Location: San Jose, California MACLA 510 South 1st Street Date: Saturday April 23rd Doors Open At 9pm.. ALL AGES. sorry the last one is so big....PEACE.
  12. dang! Quoted post [/b] whats the pencil for?...lol
  13. Check out the Southbay... help support. ================================================= FULL CONTACT M.C. BATTLE!!!! FULL CONTACT BATTLE SERIES 2005, IS NOW IN EFFECT!!!! THE FIRST BATTLE WILL BE SAT. APRIL 16th @ MACLA THIS WILL BE EITHER 2 ON 2 OR 3 ON 3 CREW BATTLES. FOR RULES, REGULTATIONS AND REGISTRATION INFO. CONCTACT US AT LYRICALDISCIPLINE@YAHOO.COM AND STAY TUNED. THIS WILL BE A DOPE BATTLE. ANYONE IS WELCOMED TO ENTER, AS MANY CREWS AS POSSIBLE ARE ELIGIBLE TO JOIN. ANY EMCEE CAN HOOK UP WITH ONE ANOTHER, ***YOU DONT HAVE TO BE ACTUAL GROUP MEMBERS TO ENTER. $10 PER TWO MEMBER CREWS, $15 FOR THREE MEMBER CREWS. CASH PRIZE FOR WINNING CREW! *Possible B-Boy Battle will be worked into this, so check out LYRICALDISCIPLINE.ORG to check up on the info. REGISTER ASAP. AS THIS WILL FILL UP. AND SPREAD THE WORD. THIS AINT YOUR TYPICAL BATTLE...RULES AND REG'S WILL FOLLOW IN THE UPCOMONG DAYS !!! PEACE YALL. ================================================== ZULU NATION EVENT: GOING TO BE HELD AT MACLA ON APRIL 23. $10 @ THE DOOR BUT $7 IF YOU WENT TO "FULL CONTACT"WE ARE HAVING ZULU CHAPTERS FROM SEATTLE, L.A., CANADA, AND N.Y. THIS IS GOING TO BE A BIG SHOW, SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN SAN JOSE BEFORE. COME OUT AND SUPPORT AND CHECK OUT WHAT THE UNIVERSAL ZULU NATION IS ABOUT. WHO WILL BE THERE?: CBS GRAFFITI CREW (SOCAL) CYPHA ALLIANCE (SEATTLE) DUE PROCESS (L.A.) NUAI TRIBE (SAN JOSE) .....and surprise performances (a few big names) HOSTED BY ZULU KING YODA (NEW YORK) *B-BOYS WELCOME TO ROCK THE FLOOR seriously check this show (at least ) out, this is WAY different then a show that has been held in san jose EVER. A lot of people are gonna be more aware of whats going on in San Jose now, make it a good turn out to show the out of towners what we got.PEACE. ================================================ stop by and dont bring any beef. this is a possitive event, and respect the venue please. PEace from the Zulu Nation San JOse GateWay Chapter. * MACLA is @ 510 South First Street San Jose, CA 95113
  14. do you mind if i save this on my comp?..
  15. Whats up Guys... i need to know where to get some D6 or PD-16 film.... i got an old Agfa Ansco Box camera that i got when my grandmother passed. I dont know the model because i cant find it online, only ones that look a bit like it. maybe its rare but is there any film out there for my camera?..... i thank whoever responds ahead of time.thank you.
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