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  1. Would love to see a better shot from that piece on the left. Who's done it?
  2. Good intervieuw. I always wondered about this guy's history. He just seemed to be there at a certain moment ,on a unbelievable high level. Mad props.
  3. This years Bridge-jam flicks, already?
  4. Somebody this years bridge-jam flicks?
  5. Henx sells at the market: Molotov 3,85, Montana 3,25 Old beltons no id........ about 2,50. The other stand has Montana Gold for 3,25. Not a lot off colours but prices are better so check them first.
  6. This thread sucks, Kacao sucks. His letters sucks. His style sucks. He only knows how to use colours. But that's easy bein'a MT member. Overrated painter!!!
  7. Bum'for KC. Lovin'that shit. OK, Vizie throwies. Pose silver rockets and pieces. Elk grazy stylez.
  8. This is so great. Revs is king def.
  9. This one is nice. That taylor!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Theay are all for free. What the fuck do you want to do with them. Take them home?
  11. For some kind of reason i like this stuff a lot.
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