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  1. sime fucking up some steel.... :clown2:
  2. and some more eye candy of rei fucking up some steel... :gaga:
  3. all these pics from my post where also provided from lay-lo.com so big props to them for the eye candy bitches...
  4. And just so you hoes know all pics provided where from Lay-Lo and big ups for providing us with such good graff... :yuck:
  5. This man is one of my personal favorites who really got me into this graff shit, and I'm a big fan so here's a few flics of eye candy for the rest of you to enjoy...next post
  6. another VA man catching wreck...big fan of Sigh... :gaga:
  7. here are some more fresh flics for those who didn't get a feel of this raw shit.... and yess... :king:
  8. Sime DOTCOM, probably and easily one of the sickest writers in the Metro area. The dude is a good guy, he's in a suit and tie now, but he's still out smashing it like he usually does. Big ups to my man...Sime DOTCOM Enjoy 12oz... :king:
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