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  1. posted in the passenger train thread, but for anyone who hasn't seen it in there: http://www.steakandcheese.com/content/deta...1&type=1&page=1
  2. hope this link to a nice little video works. ps don't ask why i was on that site in the first place. http://www.steakandcheese.com/content/deta...1&type=1&page=1
  3. And he is still about :king: will post a little something soon Quoted post [/b] hhhhmmm.... very intresting. looking forward to the results!!
  4. plymski1

    On my travels

    top quality from snoe. might add some more of his up in a bit...
  5. plymski1

    DDS Crew London

    sorry, i read it as 'dds' instead of 'dss'. department of social security, or 'the dole office' lol. and you must be right fletch... da sure shots
  6. plymski1

    DDS Crew London

    great cazbee shots. whats the dds doing in the middle of them though?
  7. one of the reasons a man is supposed to spend a 'two months wages' on an engagement ring is that should the couple ever break up the woman will have some money to help her get back on her feet. also the ammount of time it takes to save up 2 months wages should give you enough time to decide whether you actually like the woman or not.
  8. plymski1

    DDS Crew London

    he was talking about another tooting flick that was added in the same bunch, but it looks like he has removed it now.
  9. anybody know where i can get hold of a pair of koston 2s? preferably the green and grey ones?
  10. refusing a search is not evidence to suggest that you are guilty though...
  11. are those OLC ones done recently?
  12. pretty sure there's no paint shop in plymouth, and i doubt there's one in exeter unfortunatly. you can order paint through bigga records in plymouth but it can take ages though as i think they themselves order it from graphotism. ps that yellow and blue self construct is very nice
  13. you lot should make a point and click adventure featuring the 12oz crew via AGS http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/
  14. your point being LABOUR government. a supposedly government of the people. just like when they promised to revamp the official secrets act to allow the public better access to government information. they ended up making it even more difficult to find anything out. did you know thats its actually illegal for a teacher to tell you how long they get for their lunch break??!! anything learnt whilst working for the government is officially a secret
  15. not that we've ever had the right to anonimity, not that we've even got a fucking constitution (which is a fucking joke, we're essentially assuming the good nature of our leaders in england not to want a facist regime), but does none of the media hungry whores in government realise that not everyone wants the world to know who they are. its not just those that break the law that want anonimity, its anyone who wants to go out and buy a porno mag. anyone who wants to go abroad for a long weekend without everyone one in the world knowing exactly where they are and who they are. you cant fucking move these days without getting your face caught on umpteen cctv cameras. how long will it be before these cameras can read the info on verybodies cards? call me callous and not moving with the times, but for the insignificant number of terrorist/murders/paedophiles who will be traced with these cards, every other citizen of the country has to forfeit their own identity and privacy. its not fucking worth it. in countries where identity cards have been introduced there has been no evidence to suggests terrorist activity has reduced. and in britain there has still yet to be a single actual conviction using the new anti terror laws which enable random stop and searches. fuck the new id cards fuck anti terror tactics- they dont work fuck blunkett, fucking cunt we need a fucking constitution
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