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  1. bump the real smash, FLA smash74:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. have to comment on a overall sick post, really feeling that Little Ceasar's Destn trizane:D
  3. pistons do suck, and pretty much so do those flicks :D isto ich :) ...the rest :shakehead: ive seen better posts from you, iheartfr8s:cool:
  4. GO HEAT, Fuck DEM FOOZ:)
  5. stay hating on miami, nothing gets posted anymore scene might not be raw to you cuz u dont see it P.S. fuck cali, florida the real sunshine state
  6. RIP Missin the Summer in the City '04
  7. yuckfou


    loll [attachmentid=19358]
  8. yuckfou


    [attachmentid=19359] cuhh this thread remind me of the random dead dog we found in pee's pool .... holla at cho boy
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