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  1. freedom to clog toilets is one of our freedoms. i hate the automatic flushers, first time i used one i thought the sensor was a camera and took an extra 10 minutes on a 1 minute poop, cause im camera shy ;[
  2. do it wobble to the flo'
  3. theres a difference between commercial cRap, underground hip hop, rap, and hip hop... im not fond of the first 2. underground hip hop with immortal tech and jedi never caught my ear.
  4. young joc is garbage, but i do dig young dros style... thats about it for commercial rap.
  5. i sometimes say niglet, nigro, niggarocci, whatever comes out i only call my white friends niggers...
  6. i caught a cop car in the rear bumper all in the light too with an egg, was a highlight to my eggsperience.
  7. they're chicken bowls with corn, potatoes, and cheese n gravy WHAT
  8. dont hate on bam, dudes a sick skater in the first place, so he gets respect in my book, hes just become rich and famous for shit you wish you could get famous off of.
  9. at the tabacco outlet down the road the arabian guy eats JUST the flavor pack, while working. hes cool as shit, name's simon.
  10. Dead Prez - soulja life mentality
  11. my boys from the bay, hes all about the hyphy shit, when he drives with his mac dre on, or some e40, its funny, but also very innovative.
  12. yea, i dont do graff, i enjoy holding the penises of others who do graff. im sorry, but your comebacks are just as sorry as your graff. youve been here since 2001, and you still suck dick, i have nothing else to say to you, i dont even wanna see your SHIT from 2001. you've got no talent, no skills, no nothing, keep running 'solow' loserboy. why are you even on this site? PS: THEM SOME TIGHT DRIPS SON
  13. youve been on this site since 2001, you have 7618 posts, and this is all you have to show for yourself? i seriously think you need to find a new hobby, learn to knit a sweater maybe? cause obviously you have no talent here.
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